A Story About Rahama & Shea Butter

Rahama Wright is a successful socially conscious entrepreneur. In 2005, Rahama founded Shea Yeleen International, a 501c3 that helps women in West Africa organize cooperatives, provides training on quality assurance and micro enterprise development, and brings shea butter products to market. Shea Yeleen is working to help over 700 women earn a living wage through the production and sale of shea butter. Shea Yeleen has been featured in Oprah Magazine, Real Simple, and Women's Health Magazine, NY 1, The Washington Informer, Rolling Out, Voice of America, and WPFW 89.3.

In 2012, Shea Yeleen International expanded its social enterprise structure to include Shea Yeleen Health and Beauty, LLC a for profit.

Rahama shares her story on how she started Shea Yeleen International and the impact shea butter has on women in Africa.

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